We make the time and effort to enhance and improve the most creative ideas and thoughts from our clients.


We take pride in supporting our clients with assistance every step of the way to succeed in the online jungle.


We have a track record for designing and implementing the requirements to exceed our client expectations.

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MegaBytes was founded in 2010. Our aim is to assist small business or home business owners to become actively involved online to expand their market and grow their businesses with an online presence.
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    The Year of Growth

    We intend to add much needed visibility to all small and home business to make them trade and expand their digital footprint.

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Our packages have been carefully tailored to suit all forms of startup businesses to more established businesses. ** All packages exclude web hosting and domain name registration costs. ** Above costs are quoted to you before any agreements are made. ** Website aftercare support charged @ R99/hour if required.

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It's better to have no website at all than to have one that makes your business look bad
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